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Frequently Asked Questions

Office Cleaning

How does Goodnest work?

Goodnest gives you a better way to book reliable and professional commercial and office cleaning services.

With Goodnest you get access to high quality, professional commercial and office cleaning specialists. Simply book a job via our website by telling us your about your office, and you'll get an instant price without the need for onsite visits and quotes. Once you've booked you'll be assigned a team who will ensure your workplace is kept to the highest standard.

Payments are securely handled over the platform, and you'll always be able to provide feedback on each and every clean. This ensures you receive the best service possible and is our commitment to providing you with an affordable, high quality cleaning experience.

If you require alternative payment arrangements or have special requirements you can Chat Now live on the website, call 09 281 5256 or email

How is Goodnest different from a traditional cleaning agency?

Traditional cleaning companies hire cleaners, leaving you to search for local cleaning companies in business directories or online. Calls, emails, visits for quotes, difficulty paying, and uncertain insurance policies. Finally you'll get a cleaner - who you know nothing about. All this takes you and the cleaning company time, which you pay for.

Goodnest approaches this differently using technology to drive your cleaning needs into a system that allows you to book online in seconds, and be served by qualified independent commercial cleaning operations that continuously have their feedback monitored and are insured.

By eliminating many overheads in traditional commercial cleaning companies and instead focusing on better service, we are able to provide you an easier way to get your office cleaned professionally at an unbeatable price.

Are Goodnest cleaners insured?

Yes. All Office & Commercial cleaners are covered by a $10,000,000 public liability insurance policy.

How do we book?

Booking is easy with Goodnest! Go to the Office Cleaning booking page and then go through the easy-to-use booking engine. You can select what you need cleaned and when and we'll give you a fixed price so there's no hidden costs.

How long should we book for?

Our booking process will ask you a series of questions about your office and what services you require. From this we'll provide an instant quote based on averages around your described office size and cleaning requirements.

What is the cost of a cleaning job?

The cost for office cleaning depends on the floor space, number of desks, bathroom facilities, kitchens, lifts and staircases and your cleaning frequency. When booking you'll be given a live instant quote.

How do we pay?

You can pay using Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards at the end of the booking process. All payments are processed in real-time and are fully encrypted.

If you require alternative payment arrangements or have special requirements please contact us on 09 281 5256 or

When are we charged?

Your quote is displayed as a monthly charge, which is billed daily prior to a clean. This gives you the freedom to make changes to your cleaning requirements or frequency at any time during the month. So if you have a special event or staff party, we've got you covered.

How do we use a voucher?

Voucher codes can be entered on the last page of the booking process. We do still require your credit card details even if you have purchased a voucher. Your credit card won't be charged unless extra time or items are added. We require a valid credit or debit card to confirm the validity of you using the voucher and to ensure ease of payment for any future jobs.

If you require alternative payment arrangements or have special requirements please contact us on 09 281 5256 or

What if our cleaner(s) runs out of time?

Goodnest relies on you to provide us with accurate information on your office space and will provide our cleaners with a time estimate based on this information. If the cleaner(s) arrives at your offices and the work is considerably different to what has been disclosed and paid for, they will contact us and we'll get in touch with you to discuss.

How do I change my booking?

You can change most things about your booking in your Goodnest account. If you would like to make changes within 24 hours of your booking, please email and we will do our best to action them.

What's your cancellation policy?

Goodnest makes bookings flexible as we understand that things can change. Cancelling a clean on short notice causes your cleaner to lose work so therefore convenience fees apply. Please give us more than 24 hours' notice when cancelling a job. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the booking will not be eligible for a refund. There is no minimum contract period, so you can cancel your office clean at any time.

Does the cleaner require independent access to our office?

Most office cleans occur outside standard office hours so the cleaners would require access to your offices if there are no staff present. You can either be provide keys and/or access cards to them or they can be allowed in by a worker or security person if that is your preference. You can add security notes such as access codes to your booking, which is encrypted and only revealed prior to each job.

Does the cleaner require a site induction?

Yes. Due to changes in Health and Safety legislation, you are legally required to induct any service provider to your site. This will include an explanation of site access (keys, cards, door codes, alarms, etc), procedure for unlocking and locking up, showing of emergency exits, a general walk through of the entire office including all areas to be cleaned, the location of first aid kits, informing them of any known site hazards and any other information that might be relevant to them.

What about Health & Safety?

All cleaners sign up to a Health and Safety statement and are provided with the necessary Health & Safety packs to ensure they are made aware of known hazards, identifying, evaluating and recording new hazards, how to mitigate the risks and steps to be taken in case of an emergency. By law you will also have the obligation to ensure the cleaner is properly inducted to your site and made aware of any known hazards and safety precautions required.

How do we make an account?

By going through the booking process, an account is automatically created. If you prefer, you can also choose to login with your Facebook details.

How soon can we get a cleaner?

We aim to have a cleaner assigned to your office within 7 days of your booking.

What is Goodnest's Quality Guarantee?

We stand by the cleaners on Goodnest, so we want to make it right if you aren't 100% happy with your clean. If you book a regular clean with us and are not happy with the quality of the clean then please contact us and we will endeavour to make it right. We can also arrange for your cleaner to be changed for future jobs.

How do we give feedback?

One of the ways we continually improve the quality of the service provided is through customer feedback. After a job has been completed, you will be able to leave feedback on the work performed either by logging into your account. We may share it with the cleaner for training purposes, and won't post it publicly without your permission.

Do we get the same cleaner for every clean?

Yes. You are given the same cleaner, however, there are instances where a replacement cleaner may be required (such as if your regular cleaner is sick). You'll be able to see in advance who has been assigned for your office clean.

Is it safe to leave a key out for our cleaner?

Yes. It's up to you whether you feel comfortable leaving a key in a safe place for your cleaner to access and many of our customers do this. Alternatively, some give a key to their cleaner to keep hold of. However if a cleaner is sick then it's difficult for us to arrange access for your replacement cleaner should the key be in the regular cleaner's possession.

Can we trust our cleaner?

Yes. All Goodnest Office Cleaners have insurance, and have gone through a rigorous vetting and on-boarding process. We also continually monitor their performance based on feedback other customers are giving them.

What times can you clean?

Our cleaners can work any time - day or night, although office cleans generally take place after hours, either at night or early in the mornings. If you want to request a cleaning time outside of the hours available to book on the site then please contact us on and we can arrange this for you. Please allow up to 30 minutes from the allocated start time for your cleaner to arrive.

Do cleaners bring their own equipment and supplies?

Yes, the cleaners do bring their own equipment as well as a full kit of cleaning supplies. If you want your cleaner to use your equipment or supplies that's no trouble, just add a note on the job. We do ask that a utility cupboard be made available to store supplies.

Can we book an End of Tenancy / Moving Clean?

Yes you can. We offer a specialised Deep Cleaning service for such cleans.

You'll be allocated experienced Deep Clean specialists, who guarantee the work done on the standard exit inspection list to pass, or they'll come back and put it right.

A Deep Clean covers any end of tenancy, start of tenancy, or one-off intensive clean. We're happy to also provide quotes for extras such as: mould cleanup, excessive soot or grease cleanup, outdoor and car parking cleanup, and exterior window cleaning.

Do you clean in my area?

We currently service Auckland for commercial and office cleaning, but will be expanding to the other major cities soon.

If you live particularly far out of the CBD we recommend checking with us before making your booking, to avoid being disappointed (availability in your area is dependent on cleaners operating in surrounding suburbs).

Can I call Goodnest Customer Support?

To get immediate support you can Chat Now live on the website. To provide the fastest response time possible we don't offer phone support. If it's not urgent then you can also email us

Our cleaner didn't show up

While cleaners will do their best to always be punctual, sometimes cleans can run overtime or things can delay cleaners getting from one clean to another. While this isn't ideal, we ask that you allow 30 minutes for your cleaner to arrive. If after this time they still haven't arrived please Chat Now or Email Us so we can make this right.