Smoke Detector Installation by NZ's Most Trusted Local - Goodnest

Smoke Detector Installation

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Knock off all those odd jobs with a Goodnest Handyman. Home repairs, TV and Picture Mounting, Furniture Assembly - our handy guys can have a crack at it all. Hire a Goodnest Handyman today and get that fence finished before the hubby has a chance to make any excuses.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Goodnest Professionals

Prompt communication, accurate quote, job on time and done well. Pleased with Mikes work.
Stuart, Jan 2019
Eugene exceeded expectations of professionalism and curtesy. Thanks Brendan Sweeney
Brendan, Jan 2019
Good quality of work. Arrived on time. Would recommend to others and would use again.
Michael, Jan 2019
Did a couple of small but fiddly jobs. Great service and clean, professional finish
Rebecca, Jan 2019
Thanks Mike, the cupboard lock is perfect for our needs and you did a great job.
Dee, Jan 2019
Excellent work, on time, polite and worked around family really well. Great job
Kay, Jan 2019
Sean is awesome. He has amazing workmanship and always goes the extra mile.
Jacki, Jan 2019
Completed work well and gave good handman tips too thank you
Debbie, Dec 2018
Very friendly and very professional polished job.
Hamish, Dec 2018
Very professional and prompt.
Vivek, Dec 2018
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Smoke Detector Installation

Home Damage Prevention/Repair Services Offered