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Top 10 Best Tree Trimming and Removal Services near Hamilton


Sharon Tucker
17 reviews
1 employee
5 years in business
"She is awesome!! Really happy with her work, and cost."


Georgina O' Keeffe
2 reviews
"We're very satisfied with the job Georgina has done on our lawns."
Ryan Luke
1 review
1 employee
3 years in business
Jacob Gleeson
1 review
1 employee
2 years in business
"Showed up on time and worked solidly for two hours leaving my gutters clear of all debris...."


Marcus Ireland
1 review


Brendan Lehane
5 reviews
"Poor response time. Job given to another party."


Joseph Collins
5 reviews
"Please cancel. Duplicate job no longer required"
Ricci Hewitt
3 reviews
5 employees
5 years in business
Dan Peacocke
2 reviews
1 employee
3 years in business


Matthew Gedge
1 review
2 employees
1 year in business
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Tree Trimming and Removal Services
Are the trees in your yard getting out of control? Whether it's unruly branches or dead trees, why not hire a tree removal expert from Goodnest to handle it? From tree cutting to tree trimming, all of the professionals on Goodnest are experts in tree removal and will make sure your project is taken care of properly. Don't put it off - hire a Goodnest pro today.
Trust our local workers in Hamilton and cross this task off your list!

Tree Trimming and Removal Questions & Answers

Sick of trees blocking your home's sunlight? Forget about rogue branches, looming leaves and unsafe trees and hire an experienced arborist! From trimming branches, palm tree pruning, mulching, or tree removal, the possibilities are endless. Let us help you get rid of those pesky overgrown trees and give your home the bright, sunny and safe atmosphere it deserves.

We’ve been matching customers to professionals for the past 5 years, so based on the thousands of jobs we’ve sorted for our customers, we’ve created a pricing list and what to expect when hiring a tree expert.

How much do tree trimming/removal services cost?

You may have been using the same gardener for the last few years but it doesn’t mean you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Please note, these prices should only be used as a guide and quotes will vary based on the situation and individual work performed.

The average hourly rate for arborists (dependant on experience) in New Zealand is $20-35. Some gardeners will charge slightly differently e.g. $1 a minute or just have a fixed price for a job.

How will a gardener charge me?

This will depend on a variety of factors:

  • Materials - if the gardener needs special equipment like a stump grinder or mulcher, you may be charged for what's needed. It’s best to discuss this with your pro before the job goes ahead.
  • Travel cost (this can be factored into the labour charge) - if the professional charges travel costs, this is usually charged from the time the pro leaves for your home, to when they arrive back at their base after the job.
  • GST (if any) - the total of 1, 2 will be added, and GST (15%) added.

How do I pay my gardening professional?

Most pros accept a range of payment methods, including:

  • Direct debit (Internet Banking)
  • Cheque
  • Cash with Invoice
  • Credit Card via the gardener’s website (surcharge may apply)
  • On-site EFTPOS is rated 4.9 / 5 from 22192 members