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4 Staff available 7 days a week with a 24 Hr notice period. Note : Hi there please allow 8 hrs maximum between replies if you provide a contact number we can expedite this waiting time All jobs require a 50% deposit to be booked in. All prices are + g.s.t unless otherwise stated for full terms and conditions please enquire. Here at Jays we move things, build things, and clean things. No job is to big or small here is a list of some of the tasks we can undertake. Handyman (starting from $170 - mounting, hanging, assembling, painting, plastering, silicon works, building, fabricating, resizing, plumbing, Landscaping, sealing, repairing, roofing, levelling. Just about anything you could need. Cleaning (starting from $150) All aspects of cleaning. Moving (starting from $160) We will move anything around Aucklands Greater region. Thank you for your time hopefully we can be of assistance and regardless have a great day.
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Garage, Basement or Attic Cleaning
Bad service, have booked to clean Attic and he confirmed all the dead rats are removed. I got an electrician to check the ventilation system in attic and he confirmed Attic is still bad and not cleaned.
February, 2022
Antwonae Deanna-Gaye
Vanity Installation or Replacement
Where do I start. Do yourself a favour and do not bring these people anywhere near your home. I contacted Justine and Mark to install a broken bathroom sink. A $590 down payment was requested, apparently they needed it to order another sink. The job was booked for Sunday. Mark was 3.5 hrs late, as he reported he was in a car accident and damaged his car. There was no word of a car accident until I contacted an hour past the scheduled time to see what the hold up was. I was emailed by Justine informing me that there was an accident on the motorway. That story changed when Mark arrived, he was the one apparently in the accident. If I had know Mark was in an accident I would have rescheduled the job, no problem (poor communication) and who knows maybe even a lie. Mark proceded to remove the sink, damaging my mirror, he promise to replace it. In the accident he disclosed that he had damaged the new sink and wanted to replace the sink with one that he had removed from his bosses house. I decline because I did not pay for a used sink. When I enquired about the price of a new sink, he said oh it's not expensive maybe a little over 100 dollars, mind you Justine told me the down payment was for the sink as it was an expensive sink and needed to be ordered beforehand. Mark rescheduled the job for the next day. When leaving, he wanted to take the sink fixtures with him, I declined, as if he had some so, once the main water source was turned back on the whole bathroom would have ended up flooding ( he should have know this and re-connected it but instead left the tap on the floor in my living room). Left screws on the floor, I ended up stepping on one and cutting my toe. Next day arrived, and again no response from Mark. I had to call and enquire. Due to it being a public holiday, it was difficult arranging a mirror, the appointment was again reschedule for Tuesday. Tuesday came, no appointment time was provided. 0930 I messaged requesting a 3pm appointment thinking it would have provided enough time to get equipment sorted, Mark agreed with this time. 3pm came and went, he reported he was stuck in traffic. 0415pm he message stating he was a few minutes away. 0545pm he messages me informing me that was was tired and feared making another mistake. He offered a refund or to reschedule. I requested a refund of which he agreed. I then received a very rude email from Justine asking me what I should do if her employee was tired and how I should give him a break and should not expect people to be at my beck and call (mind you Mark has disclosed to me that Justine is his wife). Justine states in her very rude email that the time given for my job was 0900 to 12pm, mind you they did not get in contact with me until 0930 after I had messaged giving rhem a time to come. There contract outlines that the employee should make contact 30 min before arrival time and if an appointment can not be made and the customer does not want to reschedule then a full refund is to be provided. They declined to provide a refund. The next day he came to replace the sink, I had to remind him to tighten the drainage pipes, he left with the drain stopper so I had to call him to come back and install it. I gave him the measurements for the mirror of 80 x86, he came with a mirror 92cm tall. He left glue all over the counter top, I had to spend a good half hour scrubbing it away. Long story short he used the wrong glue to secure the mirror and it came off of the wall. I managed to just catch it in time. When I had informed Justine, she blamed me for removing it and threatened me if I didn't pay the outstanding balance. A very poor job done, very poor customer service. Do not waste your time. These people are con artist, unreliable, incompetent, unprofessional and down right rude. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!!! The old broken sink is still sitting on my driveway.
February, 2022
Fence and Gate Repairs
I have never come across such a dishonest person like Marcus Jeffries. I asked him to come and have a look at my fence that needed to repaired. I asked him to give me a quote to replace the concrete posts as they were deteriorated and wanted them replaced with timber posts. He told me he could patch up the concrete posts to be as strong as a high rise building. I beleived him and said ok and asked him to give me a quote. The next day i got a quote via email for $1720 which included gst and it was to cover 4posts and top railings that had to be replaced. There was no GST number on his invoice even though he charged me GST. I will check with the IRD about this. He told me he was going to turn up on the Sat after he received my full pay ment. i waited home most of the day Saturday, didnt get a call or any messages from him. So Sunday he turns up about 1.30pm and no explanation about why he didnt come on the Saturday like he said. When i told him that i had tried calling him so many times and messaging all he could say was he was busy and didnt have his phone on him. He stayed for 1hr and then left and said he would be back next week, didnt hear from him and then i got a message to say his daughter was at school and one of the kids was infected with covid. Then i got a message about the bad weather, all the excuses started to come in. Then when he turned up after the tree stumps had been removed which made it much easier for him to do his job. He came after 1.30pm and stayed to 4.30pm. The next thing i got an email saying that I needed to pay more money for stuff he was using to repair the concrete. i told him that you cannot just add anything to a quote after we have both agreed on this. I had already paid him in full when i didnt need to but I trusted him. I had just had a bypass surgery on my heart and wasnt allowed to be under any stress. I was telling my neice about how i was being ripped off and she asked me to email her all the emails and messages. She discussed the extra charge with me and i agreed to pay the extra once the job is completed. She would keep emailing asking what day he was going to come to complete the job, he would tell her that he was going to come on a certain but never turned up. On the 24/12/21 he was meant to turn up and never did. No communication to my niece as to why he didnt come. My niece gave him a date to have all my money paid back. This didnt happen so i had no choice but to go through the legal channels. I have also contacted Fair Go as this guy has not only ripped me off he has ripped off other clients as well. I wished i had read the reviews before i paid any money over to this thief. This guy should never be trusted. He is a thief and a scammer. Please be aware.
January, 2022
I have nothing good to say. I have contacted Marcus after another handyman has destroyed my windows. Marcus has always talked very highly of himself like “I had a company with 23 employees, I have experience in this and that”. He started work on the already ruined windows but honestly, he didn’t do anything to make it a better experience. He started off well on day one, days 2 and 3 went extremely slow, spent hours on a half window and work was below standard. Like he doesn’t know what he is doing. All words no actions. Then he was disappeared for a whole week, he has me guarantee to finish the work in 3 days agreed amount of $1,350. He keeps saying “I have given you a cheap price” as he is doing a favour to me’ took 50% in advance and another $350 in the same week. I have paid $1000 for literally wasting my time and working on 2 windows. He makes every possible excuse in the world to not show up for almost 2 weeks, “Weather was bad, I have another job where I am making lot more profit than your job, my employee got arrested and my employee took my car and kids broke my phone”. Some might be true but most sounds just reasons to not show up for the job. Finally, after Xmas when I asked him to come and complete the job, he said he will need another $1250 on top of what he agreed ($1350) to complete the job. WHAT A SCAM. I have purchased all the material and Marcus took some material from my property and left his stuff as well. So, I am now $1000 out of pocket and none of the windows are completed. All I can say is I am extremely disappointed and feel ripped off. Will, I ever get J’S Moving for any future work NO, and will I ever recommend this company, and other company Justin, or Marcus runs to anyone NO… never.
January, 2022
Justine's response
Oh come on. I was at your house for 5 days. Id previously quoted the job at 2700 but dropped it due to the other contractor having done some of the work. I couldn't come back for another day at the original amount so negotiated a wage that was fair and reasonable.
Exterior Painting
AS REPORTED ON FAIR GO (https://www.1news.co.nz/2022/03/15/auckland-woman-left-waiting-on-fencing-repair-job/) WARNING READ REVIEWS BEFORE YOU USE THESE GUYS AS THEY ARE COMPLETE FRAUDS - avoid at all costs. These guys are incompetent at best, and I am now left with no option but to take legal action to recoup the money I paid (upfront and in good faith) for work that was not started, let alone completed. At best, these guys are wildly unprofessional, having strung me along for nearly 2-months with promises of finishing the job "any day now," only to fail to turn up, blaming the weather....on a sunny day! Save yourself the same pain I've endured and find someone who is capable of keeping their word.
December, 2021
Justine's response
We quoted for 5 windows originally adjusted the quote to fit the 20 odd windows to be done at our best rate. The task was 90% complete and due to a ridiculous run of terrible weather we couldn't finish the task so you asked for a 100% refund. Recap Job was explained wrong. Under quoted as already started job. Finished all the front windows side windows had 1 back window and some high facias to mend and was fired due to not being there for 10 days during a run of terrible weather. 100% refund requested. We asked to negotiate and you said no.
Tile Repair
The tiling job was a lot more complicated than what was first thought. However, he persevered and got it right. Very professional. we would highly recommend. Peter. Parnell.
October, 2021
Prompt reply. Excellent work. Covid protection well prepared. Highly recommended.
September, 2021
Cabinet Repair
Very helpful
August, 2021
Cladding Repair
Excellent work ethic, good communication.
July, 2021
Cabinet Repair
Very quick response to messages and doing a very good job considering the damage and time.
July, 2021
Justine's response
Thank you kindly remember any issues don't hesitate to call